Daiya Vegan Cheese – Where Can You Find Daiya Vegan Cheese And Recipes For Using It

Daiya Vegan Cheese first hit the shelves in 2009 when two friends, Andre and Greg, brought their passion for plant-based living to life. Daiya started with two flavors, cheddar and mozzarella, but have since grown to over 30 plant based dairy alternatives and they continue to grow to this day. Their products are even free of soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, and peanuts making it a great option for those who have to contend with allergies on a daily basis!

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Where Can You Find Daiya Vegan Cheese?

Daiya products are in over 2,000 stores, so there is a good chance you can find it in one where you live. In the USA, Daiya can be found in Walmart, Target, WholeFoods, Sprouts, Kroger, and even online at Amazon. Daiya’s website has an awesome product locater, Daiya Product Locater, which makes it easy to find which store nearby has it.


Recipes Using Daiya Vegan Cheese

Now comes the good part! These are some of our favorite recipes using vegan cheese. Check them out below, and if you have any suggestions, please share them with us!

Daiya Cheese Vegan Chickpea Tuna Melt – Click Here For The Recipe

These vegan tuna melts are so good, it’s hard to believe they’re vegan. Trust us though, they are, and please make several for us!

Gluten-Free Beer & Daiya Cheese Fondue Recipe – Click Here For The Recipe

Does this fondue not look amazing? And to make it even better, it uses vegan cheese and gluten free beer, if that’s your thing!

Daiya Vegan Cheese Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Burgers – Click Here For The Recipe

So good, I think I’ll have 11… or 15! It has to be good for you if it’s vegan right? RIGHT?

Sweet Corn Gazpacho Using Daiya Vegan Cheese – Click Here For The Recipe

Looking for a light soup that’s entirely dairy-free, creamy, and refreshing? Look no further as this recipe hits all three!

Vegan Grilled Buffalo Chicken Pizza Using Daiya Cheese – Click Here For The Recipe

Not only is this pizza delicious, it’s also incredibly easy to make. Please share photos if you end up making it!

We know this list isn’t all encompassing, but it shows how versatile Daiya vegan products can be. If you have any special tips or recipes, please let us know as we would love to hear from you!

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