Diet Grape Soda – Who Makes The Best Diet Grape Soda – Polar Diet Grape Soda

Regular grape soda is delicious, however, sometimes you just don’t want all those extra calories that can come along with it. That’s why diet grape soda was invented and we’re so glad it was! While not nearly as many options to pick from as regular grape soda, there are some solid choices when picking a diet grape soda!

Diet Grape Soda By Faygo

Faygo - Grape Soda - 12 Pack of 12-oz. Cans -

Faygo makes numerous other fruitful sodas, but their diet grape soda has to be one our favorites. You can find this pretty easily at Walmart, Kroger, or Amazon.

Diet Grape Soda By Polar

Polar Grape Soda Diet

Polar has been around for roughly 140 years, and makes some excellent diet grape soda! They’re manufactured in New England, but you can find them at just about any store including Publix, Dollar General, Amazon, and Walmart to name just a few.

Zevia Diet Grape Soda

Zevia Diet Grape Soda is probably one of our favorites as it has zero sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and only uses plant based ingredients. Zevia products are pretty easy to find, and you can grab them at places like WholeFoods, Sprouts, and Target to name a few.

Hill Country Diet Grape Soda

Hill Country Fare Diet Grape Soda, Garpe

These diet grape sodas made by Hill Country Fare make for the perfect afternoon beverage on a hot summer afternoon! These are primarily sold in Texas, so if you happen to be visiting, make sure to grab one, or five!

Squamscot Old Fashion Diet Grape Soda


Made in New Hampshire, and often out of stock, these diet grape soda’s are definitely worth it if you’re able to locate one. Check out their website for buying!

While there isn’t an over abundance of options to pick from when looking for diet grape soda, there are plenty of solid choices! If you know of any others, please let us know as we would love to hear from you!

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